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Chapter 11: Entry Level Performance and Conduct


In order for a soldier to qualify for this chapter, the command must initiate the chapter while the soldier is in the initial 180 days of continuous active military service. Soldier qualifies for separation under this chapter if the soldier displays unsatisfactory performance or minor disciplinary infractions as evidenced by inability, lack of reasonable effort, or failure to adapt to the military environment. Furthermore, pursuant to paragraph 11-3c, if a soldier is in an entry level status and qualifies for separation for unsatisfactory performance (Chapter 13) or minor disciplinary infractions (14-12a), separation processing will be accomplished under this chapter.  


1-16 Counseling Required:

Yes (1-16a(4))

Medical Required:

No, except when separation is for pregancy (1-32a)

Mental Required:

No (1-32b)

Approval Authority:

Bn Cdr (1-19d)

Type of discharge authorized:

Uncharacterized (11-8)



Documents Required for Chapter:

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