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Chapter 13: Separation for Unsatisfactory Performance


Commanders will separate a soldier for unsatisfactory duty performance when it is determined that the soldier will not develop sufficiently to participate satisfactorily in further training and/or become a satisfactory soldier; or the seriousness of the circumstances is such that the soldier's retention would have an adverse impact on military discipline, good order, and morale; and it is likely that the soldier will be a disruptive influence in present or future duty assignments. Pursuant to para 13-2e, AR 635-200, initiation of separation proceedings is required for soldiers without medical limitations who have two consecutive failures of the Army Physical Fitness Test or who are eliminated for cause from Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) courses, unless the responsible commander chooses to impose a bar to reenlistment.



1-16 Counseling Required:

Yes (13-4 and 1-16a(5))

Medical Required:

Yes (1-32a)

Mental Required:

Yes (1-32b)

Approval Authority:

Bn Cdr (1-19d)

Type of discharge authorized:

Honorable or General, Under Honorable Conditions (13-10)



Documents Required for Chapter:

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