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Chapter 5-13: Separation Because of Personality Disorder


A soldier may be separated for personality disorder (not amounting to disability) that interferes with assignment or with performance of duty.  This condition is a deeply ingrained maladaptive pattern of behavior of long duration that interferes with the soldier’s ability to perform duty.  The diagnosis of personality disorder must be established by a psychiatrist or a doctoral-level clinical psychologist with necessary and appropriate professional credentials who is privileged to conduct mental health evaluations for DOD components. 

 1-16 Counseling Required:

Yes (1-16a(2))

Medical Required:

No (1-32a)

Mental Required:

Yes (1-32e)

Approval Authority:

Bde Cdr (1-19c(1))

Type of discharge authorized:

Honorable (5-13h)



Documents Required for Chapter:

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