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Chapter 5-3: Secretarial Plenary Authority


This provision of AR 635-200 provides for those soldiers who desire to leave active duty, but who do not qualify under any other provision of AR 635-200. Soldiers applying for release from Active Duty using this provision must understand that their request will not be approved unless discharge is clearly "in the best interests of the Army," not necessarily in the best interests of the soldier. Individual requests which serve only the interest of the soldier - particularly those involving soldiers with critical military skills or bonus recipients - will not be approved except under exceptional circumstances.

This chapter action is processed at the unit level (S1). Unit Commanders must understand that this chapter is approved at the Secretary of the Army level. This chapter is requested by the soldier on a DA Form 4187 which is forwarded through the chain of command and transmitted via fax (DSN: 221-1965) to HQDA, ATTN: TAPC-PDT-P. Chain of command forwarding endorsements must include rationale to support determination that early separation is in the best interest of the Army as well as a statement whether the soldier has received counseling IAW paragraph 1-20. In addition, chain of command forwarding endorsements must recommend approval or disapproval and, if recommending approval, include a recommendation concerning characterization of service (either Honorable, or General, Under Honorable Conditions).



1-16 Counseling Required:

No (1-16a)

Medical Required:

No (1-32a) (Except when soldier is being involuntarily separated)

Mental Required:

No (1-32b)

Approval Authority:

HQDA (TAPC-PDT-P) (5-3e)

Type of discharge authorized:

Honorable or General, Under Honorable Conditions (5-1a)



Documents Required for Chapter:

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