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Chapter 8: Separation of Enlisted Women - Pregnancy


This chapter action is processed at the unit level (S1). If an enlisted woman is pregnant, she will be counseled by the unit commander using the Pregnancy Counseling Checklist (Reproduced at Appendix F). As per the guidance found in Chapter 8-9, AR 635-200, the unit commander will explain that the purpose of the counseling is to provide information concerning options, entitlements, and responsibilities and that she may elect to remain on active duty or, upon request, be separated per this chapter. The soldier may request a specific separation date, but the Battalion Commander and her military physician will determine the separation date. The date must not be later than 30 days before expected date of delivery or the latest date her military physician will authorize her to travel to her home of record. Commanders processing a soldier under this chapter must also understand the following guidelines:



1-16 Counseling Required:

No (1-16a), but Immediate Commander will counsel soldier using Pregnancy Counseling Checklist

Medical Required:

Yes (1-32a)

Mental Required:

No (1-32b)

Approval Authority:

Bn Cdr (1-19d)

Type of discharge authorized:

Honorable or General, Under Honorable Conditions (8-3)



Documents Required for Chapter:

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