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MEMORANDUM FOR Defense Military Pay Office, ATTN:  Military Pay Branch (Debt Management), APO AE  09034


SUBJECT:  Debt Avoidance Notice



1.  Individual listed below is being considered for early separation/elimination from the U.S. Army.  Request you review individual's finance account to determine any outstanding indebtedness to the U.S. Government.


      NAME: _________


RANK: _________ SSN:_____________


Contemplated Chapter Action: _________


Estimated Date of Separation: _____________


2.  If the individual is indebted to the U.S. Government, request appropriate action be taken to satisfy the outstanding indebtedness.


3.  Request you reply in writing with the results of the finance review.





                                          Commander's Signature and Date


For Soldiers Chaptering out of the U.S. Army:


I am aware that:


1.  If I am indebted to the U.S. Government, my pay and allowances will be put in accrual and my pay options will stop (i.e. direct deposit).  I am also aware that my allotments will stop with the exception of involuntary support (garnishment), child support, and insurance allotments.


2.  When my pay is suspended and I wish payment, a DA Form 2142 requesting my end of month pay must be signed by my commander and submitted to finance on a monthly basis by my PAC along with a memorandum stating that I have at least 30 days prior to my separation.  I also realize that I will receive NO payment within 30 days of estimated discharge.


3.  If this chapter action is disapproved, and my pay is in suspense, I realize that I must notify the Debt Management Section by memorandum from my commander.





                                          Soldier's Signature and Date

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