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AETV - _______



MEMORANDUM FOR: _______________________________________________

                  (Enter Soldier's Name, Rank, SSN, and Unit)


SUBJECT:  Entry into the Weight Reduction/Exercise Program



1.  You have been determined to exceed U.S. Army body fat standards.  IAW AR 600-9, you are hereby entered into the Weight Control Program, and flagged UP AR 600-8-2.


2.  You will be weighed and taped on a monthly basis.  You must make satisfactory progress in order to remain in the Army.  Satisfactory progress is defined as losing 3 to 8 pounds each month.


3.  If you fail to make satisfactory progress after any two consecutive months, you may be administratively separated from the Army IAW AR 635-200, Chapter 18.  If you are still overweight and on the Weight Control Program six months from this date, depending upon your progress, I will either initiate separation proceedings or I will initiate a bar to reenlistment as required UP AR 635-200, Chapter 18.











AETV - ________ 1st End



      (Soldier's name, rank, SSN, and Unit)


To Commander: ______________________________


IAW AR 600-9, I understand my responsibilities to achieve body fat standards and to have my weight recorded on a monthly basis.






                                          (Soldier's Signature)





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