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Military Justice

Article 15s


Administrative Separations

ReferencesAR 635-200 (Personnel Separations - Enlisted Personnel)


Procedures:  Once the commander determines that a soldier should be involuntarily separated, the commander must forward a request along with all pertinent information to the Military Justice section of the Legal Office.  This may include medical and mental evaluations.  The index of separations outlines the requirements for each separation (including voluntary separations).  The Military Justice section will prepare the separation paperwork, normally within 24 hours.  The commander then initiates the separation by notifying the soldier of the separation proceedings.  The soldier is then afforded the opportunity to consult with legal counsel.  If the soldier has over 6 years in service or is being considered for an Other than Honorable discharge, the soldier is entitled to have his/her case heard before an administrative separation board.  Once the soldier has seen an attorney (if the soldier is not entitled to a board), if the commander still desires to separate the soldier the commander

Processing Goals

Index of Administrative Separations

1-16 Counseling

Rehabilitative Transfers

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

Clearing Procedures 



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