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Tuesday, 25 November 2003
Soldiers - Fathers, Sons, Mothers, and Daughters
How many lives must be lost before our Leadership (President Bush) withdraws our soldiers from Iraq? Soldiers enlist in the Armed Forces today and swear to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. They do not swear to defend the countries oil supply. Perhaps our leadership would be more hesistant to offer our soldiers as sacrificial lambs if their own children and relatives were deployed to such places.

The majority of the leaders who willingly send our soldiers to their deaths have never been in the Armed Forces. They have been pampered their entire lives and have avoided military service at all costs. These same egotistical individuals boldly state to the world that "We will not be deterred." Perhaps deterrence would be an option if they were in the same direct line of fire as our soldiers.

The war in Iraq can not be won! There is no end-game! There is no "mission complete"!

Posted by kiddsterb at 2:28 PM EST
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