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Course Information, Prerequisites and Academic Curriculum


The Paralegal Specialist Course is designed to train Initial Entry (IE) and reclassifying enlisted soldiers in the grades PV1 through SGT.  Reclassifying soldiers in the rank of SGT (P) and SSG must have an approved grade waiver grade waiver before attending the course.  This course prepares Army Personnel to perform critical tasks as a paralegal specialist and provides the basic technical training for assisting soldiers, commanders and attorneys in preparation of legal issues and military justice.


Active Army and Reserve Component enlisted soldiers must have a minimum aptitude area score of 110 CL and be a high school graduate. No court-martial convictions or disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). (Formal Article 15 waivable by Cdr, PERSCOM DAPCEPM-A, with TJAG approval.) No record of lost time under Section 972, 10 USC, (appendix 3, MCM), and no pattern of undesirable behavior as evidenced by civilian or military records.

The Paraegal Specialist course is 10 weeks and three days. Soldiers are trained through use of hands-on performance oriented and classroom instructions. They learn technical skills required to become a Paralegal Specialist and perform critical MOS tasks at skill level 1. The course also emphasizes common military skills and MOS technical training during a three day field training exercise (FTX). 



Students must type a minimum of 25 words per minute and successfully pass an examination after the completion of the following blocks of instruction:

Rules of Professional Responsibility
Military Correspondence
Research and Use of the Manual for Courts-Martial
Prepare and Process Records of Nonjudicial Punishment

Prepare and Process Court-Martial Charge Sheet through Preferral
Process Article 32 (Pretrial) Investigation
Prepare and Process Transcripts of Summarized Testimony Proceedings
Process Involuntary Enlisted Administrative Separation Actions
Prepare Court-Martial Convening Orders
Prepare Referral to Trial and Service of Charges
Process a Record of Trial by Summary Courts-Martial
Prepare Personnel Claim for Adjudication

Overview of Operational Law
Proper Customer Service Techniques
Prepare a Will
Prepare a Power of Attorney

Use of Client Information System Software

Use of Automations Software/Typing




Grade waiver must be submitted to SGM Glaze, 27D Regimental Sergeant Major, for approval prior to soldier attending the course.

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