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Sergeant Major
of the U.S. Army JAG Corps


Welcome to the U.S. Army Paralegal Specialist School Website.

The purpose of this site is to give information on the training for the MOS of 27D Paralegal Specialist. Navigating this site will familiarize you with the Schoolhouse, the instructors, course information and barracks life at the 369th Adjutant Generals Battalion.

The legal specialist administers and supervises the provision of legal services to unit commanders and staff and assist judge advocates/attorneys in providing professional legal services in diverse legal disciplines, including: organizational legal services (military justice, legal assistance, claims, administrative law, international law, operational law, and contract law); defense legal services; and judicial legal services.

The Legal Specialist Course is designed to train Initial Entry (IE) and reclassifying enlisted soldiers in the grades PV1 through SSG. This course prepares Army personnel to perform critical tasks as a legal specialist and provides the basic technical training for assisting soldiers, commanders and attorneys in preparation of legal issues and military justice.


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